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So today i wondered when exactly the understanding of life and God as we know them today was changed. I wanted to know how come religion ,though clearly a tool for division, still had such resonating truth that it lead me and others to Enlightenment. I found out that the way of life that I believe isn’t new at all in fact at one point it was all one belief system with the church. Nostics & Orthodox Christianity operating as one unit. But as human ego would have it there was a divide surrounding the nature of Christ. Nostics believing Christ could not BE God but was OF GOD...while Orthos argues that Christ the living man was the Godhead the incarnation of The trinity. Nostics lost. Then I registered WHY orthos would need their position to be true. If a Christ the man could physically be the omnipotent GOD in form and pardon sins, then it would be arguable that the head of the church’s left standing after the crucifixion could assume the same role. Thus, being the physical power head with the illusion of eternal damnation or salivation in hand. Nostics’ notions, however controversial, would potentially mean that man IN GENERAL (made in his likeness), LIKE CHRIST, could reach the father separate of the Pope or any church for that matter. A threat to the power structure, ELIMINATED...DEMONIZED...HERESY. So in 325 AD the council of Niacia was held and the Creed that is Orthodox Christianity would be taken up by Rome as its Emperor Constantine was an identifier Christian. Fast forward tho, everybody doesn’t agree, ppl want to keep customs and practices, different churches are formed in North Africa Opposing Rome and ultimately leading to its Fall....

Except it didn’t fall really, it just relocated to the west and named itself America. Maintaining its structures of hierarchy on the basis of religion. Its why all of the laws given in the constitution sound so close to sins...we get the laws from the Papacy in The Vatican...Not only did they relocate but they model America to be the Idol country for ALL OTHER COUNTRIES...meaning our military, our commerce systems, our big business. America is the Token. Until now, when it seems it’s all falling because people are becoming aware of the illusion of life for the illusion of control.

I know this is a lot, but, think about one would ever think the Church to blame for chromes against humanity & even if someone did, those of faith would defend because they would not be able to disassociate their faith in Universal God with the institution of the church. So they would never be caught...or called out...but y’all

I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP. this is the system that is oppressive it is not about race or even religion at this point it is about power and freedom of a living soul to BE just a LIVING SOUL.

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