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What is an intuitive reader?

What is Intuitive Tarot Reading?

Much like traditional tarot practices, intuitve tarot readings uses both the Major & Minor Arcana to interpret divine messages from source, angels and spirit guides to aid the soul on its journey through physicality. Contrast to common interpretation, there is no actual threat in this form of divination as it is rooted in the divine Law of Oneness, leaving no room for binding fear. The science or metaphysics behind the exchange is simple. Everything is connected. Nothing is coincidence. If by chance you find yourself in front of a tarot reader for a reading, there had to have been an immeasurable number of cicrumstances happen in your own physical experience in order to be in that exact place, in that exact moment, with that exact intention. Put mildly, perfect alignment in a world without coincidence. In understanding that alignment, you take a giant step in understanding your highest self. Then the intuitive and the cards answer the questions that you ask yourself without ever having to hear the actual question sometimes. 


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Everyone reads intuition. Most times, we even consciously know that its what we are doing. For instance, we read intuition anytime we don't take action because our "gut," says we shouldn't; Then later find out that it was in our best benefit to not take that action. That is a successful read of the energy using intuition. Now imagine taking that a step further. Imagine there could be a way of seeing exactly what the intuition is saying before the actions manifest, a mirror of sorts. That is what an intuitive tarot reader does. We can use materials to serve as a medium of sorts for energetic communication such as tarot cards, runes, palmistry, etc. When two beings share a frequency and are willfully present with the universe to see a sign or hear a message, the impossible becomes possible. Not every message in intuitive Energetic readings will resonate. It is important to remember that we are all here in physicality sharing space. Most times practicing mediums or intuitives have achieved the ability to become water for their clients and not project their own personal messages onto them. Nonetheless, not every reader has mastered such an ability to fluctuate between projecting personal truths and sharing Source messages. Thus, it is always vital for any being hearing any message to take what resonates and leave what does not. Never Relinquish personal power in a quest for truth outside of self. 

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